CD-R King, retailers and Globe Telecom fight selling of illegal signal boosters

One of the major telecommunications company in the Philippines appealed to several gadgets and related apparatus retailers to help address the rampant selling of illegal signal boosters in the country.
An agreement to avoid the possession and selling of the said illegal signal repeaters has been forged between Globe and several major retailers.

Signal enhancers or signal boosters must be within the specifications defined by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Globe Corporate Legal Services Group head Atty. Froilan Castelo said:
We appreciate the cooperation of the major retailers of gadgets and technology items in the country to support our drive against the use of illegal repeaters. Many of the existing retailers have been previously unaware that the sale of such equipment violates existing laws
While mobile units signal services in the Philippines is a bit challenging in terms of supply and stability matters, employing a signal booster can hog bandwidth, thereby denying other network subscribers of the fair product they deserve and paid for.

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