Coke apologizes for offensive bottlecap caption

Apparently, Coke had to apologize due to an offensive bottle cap caption found in one of its latest products - Vitaminwater.
Coca-Cola Vitaminwater Retard Bottle Cap
It is said that what transpired was actually a mishap in the random combination of English and French words, which this time turned out to be "You Retard". In French, this can be simply treated as "You are late" or something to that effect.

The surprising and unexpected words were found by a certain Canadian shopper, an Edmonton-based photographer Blake Loates. The 'You Retard' bottlecap texts became viral afterwards.

Loates posted in his Facebook account:
I am astonished that in the 21st century, ANY person or corporation would think this use of the "R" word is 1) funny, 2) acceptable or 3) anything but reprehensible! As the father of an amazing, beautiful, funny, sweet, and brave 11 year old girl with cognitive delays, I find this act by Coca-Cola so disheartening that I cannot merely sit by and "get over it"!"
Coca-Cola then explained its side, thus an apology:
We sincerely apologize for inadvertently offending anyone. We take every consumer concern very seriously. This is a genuine oversight in the review process. The mistake has been corrected and the words removed from all future production
The mistake occurred in anticipation of a potential consumer promotion for glacéau vitaminwater in Canada. We started printing random combinations of English and French words under the caps of glacéau vitaminwater. The top word English and the bottom, a different word in French. Regretfully, the French words were not reviewed from an English standpoint. In this case a French word, despite an innocuous meaning in French but an offensive meaning in English, made the production list of words
This word should have been removed due to the English connotations and we have taken immediate action to thoroughly investigate this matter and to stop producing bottles with the offending caps. This was a genuine mistake in the review process and we sincerely apologize.
Coca-Cola sent a separate letter of apology to Loates in view of the impact the offensive bottle cap caption has made, which the latter accepted.

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