Jhong Hilario back flip free throw [VIDEO]

ABS-CBN artist and performer Jhong Hilario pulled off a back flip free throw during a certain charity basketball game. See the video and be amazed!
As most basketball players, local or not, with their worst and best shooting skills, do perform certain routine before executing free throws, Jhong Hilario seem to have gotten it quite rarely.

Jhong dribbled the ball three times, arch forward then hit off the floor spinning backward then let go of the ball upon landing. The ball hit the board but ended up as a point shot.
If you think this basketball trick and performance of Jhong Hilario is awesome, do share the post and let others know and perhaps, delighted.

Jhong Hilario or Virglio Hilario in off-the-cam life is a hardcore dancer, performer and artist in the Philippines. He is one of the pioneering members of a long standing dance group 'Streeboys', which rose to fame in the 1990s, right after a rival dance group UMD (Universal Motion Dancers) disbanded.

Jhong is also in politics, serving as a member of the Makati Council from the 1st district, since June 30, 2013. He is under the "United Nationalist Alliance" party.

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