Jimmy Fallon's 'Breaking Bad' Parody [VIDEO]

Seen this epic Jimmy Fallon's 'Breaking Bad' parody yet? You should have, TV and late night shows enthusiasts! Jimmy had it 'Joking Bad' and it's one hell of a funny score, if you do watch Breaking Bad TV series.
Breaking Bad is an American television series, a crime drama under the production of Vince Gilligan. It relates the story of a  chemistry teacher who is found to have an incurable lung cancer. He turns into selling drugs to deal with the finances of his family.

Breaking Bad premiered on January 20, 2008, in US and Canada on AMC cable.

Now, here's Jimmy Fallon's parody, a must see, we should say. "Joking Bad" - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Video:
Did you find it hilarious and funny to the bones, just like we did? Share this stuff and let others laugh with what Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has come up for further entertainment.

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