Mayor Duterte of Davao City Drives a Taxi at Night

A photo of Davao City Mayor Duterte driving a taxi was seen circulating online via social media sites. News reports say, the Mayor did confirm that he was the one in the photo and that he does it on special purpose.
Though he joked that he drives a taxi at night for added income, Mayor Duterte goes out on board a taxi cab with his security details to check on the city personally. In such a way, people will not recognize him doing the monitoring rounds.

Mayor Duterte chose taxi to roam around Davao City as a response to recent reports regarding rampant hold up incidences involving cabs.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been named by Time magazine as "The Punisher" due to his strong campaign against criminality. In fact Davao City has been called as "one of the most peaceful cities in Southeast Asia" by several tourism organizations.

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