Mikey Bustos does his own pinoy scandal video

So in response to the skyrocketing trends bearing news about the recent scandals online, involving local celebrities in the Philippines, a GMA 7 Network (Philippine TV network) artist Mikey Bustos created and uploaded a video to send some important messages to the netizens.
The supposed scandal video might be misleading at first (well, that was the plan), but perhaps, that's just to trigger your pulse of attention to what Mikey would be saying.

If you have been the type of person who feasts on a scandalous material, specially when it gets online, by sharing the media in toto, this video could be worth watching. Here goes it!
We do understand that we got here a blog post featuring the latest scandal but maybe with the way we twisted the format of presentation, we can be granted with a rather softer feeling of guilt.

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