MNLF rebels caught after failure to recite 'Our Lord's Prayer'

While air strikes in Zamboanga try to deal with the Muslim rebels, some members of the Front (MNLF) were caught after trying to blend in with the hostages, Monday news reports said.
Seventy 'MNLF Fighters' were arrested after failure to recite 'Our Lord's Prayer' as part of the quick check procedures of the Philippine security forces.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas said:
There was one captured where several civilians were walking or crouching towards security forces, and one of them was holding a rosary, and just to check because the security  forces are trained to check all of those (who surrender). They were asked to say (The Lord's Prayer)
So it’s not just a Christian-Muslim thing. It’s just that soldier or the policeman was suspicious because why hold this rosary as a sign they were hostages. So there was a very quick check, just a sort of quickness of mind.
Reportedly, some of the rebels even wore civilian clothes and brought with them rosaries just to indicate that they are hostages. (Image: Rappler)

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