PXC 39 Results

We just got here PXC 39 results, coming from a live coverage a few hours ago at Ynares Sports Arena, Kapitolyo, Pasig. Check out the list of winners in the just concluded Pacific Xtreme Combat series of 39.
PXC 39 Results / List of Winners

  1. Harold Banario vs Adamson Torbiso - Banario by Armbar submission / R1
  2. Adam Cacay vs Jenel Lausa - Lausa by Submission (Verbal) / R3
  3. Zebastien Kadestam vs Ross Ebanez - Kadestam  by TKO / R1
  4. Glen Ranillo vs Isaiah Ordiz - Ranillo by Unanimous decision / R3
  5. Rolando Gabriel Dy vs Kyle Reyes - Dy by Unanimous decision / R3
  6. Roldon Sangcha'an vs Ernesto Montilla Jr. - Sangcha'an by Rear naked choke / R2
  7. Louis Smolka vs Jessie Rafols - Smolka by Read naked choke / R1
  8. Mark Striegl  vs Jang Yong Kim - Kim by Submission (Kimura) / R3
Fight 1
Banario vs Torbiso - Banario pulled off successful arm-bar in the first round; Great show for his debut

Fight 2
Cacay  vs Lausa - Lausa showed high confidence, great takedown defense and excellent timing

Fight 3
Kadestam  vs Ebanez  - Kadestam with his signature kicks; He caught Ebanez several kicks to the head

Fight 4
Ranillo  vs Ordiz - Ranillo showed great attacks while on his back

Fight 5
Dy vs Reyes - Dy probably took the heat during the weigh in, where Reyes kind of pissed him off. Dy emerged victorious with his great boxing combos plus kicks

Fight 6 
Sangcha'an vs Montilla - Montilla, as usual, came elusive and active / There was a lot of scrambles and exchange of hits but in the end, Sangcha'an was able to execute a rear naked choke successfully.

Fight 7
Smolka  vs Rafols - Smolka went out confident and precise with his moves more than his previous PXC bouts.

Fight 8
Striegl  vs Kim - A lot of exchanges of hits, takedowns, including reversals while Kim relentlessly went for armbar and foot locks. These might have drained Striegl's cardio, which sent him as an open target for punches specially in the last minutes of the third round. "Mugen" Striegl avoided several possible taps but Kim "The Beast" was too determined.

PXC 39 took place on September 14, 2013 at the Ynares Sports Arena, Pasig City.

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