Robin Thicke defends Miley Cyrus VMA performance

The whole world was practically shocked by Miley Cyrus' MTV VMA performance last month, specially with the impact of her "Twerk" thing.
Robin Thicke on Miley Cyrus VMA performance
People expressed disappointment for what Miley did, while some just shrugged it off. But definitely, that one of a kind VMA performance struck serious nerves in the many kinds of entertainment people around.

That guy who performed with Miley was Robin Thicke, an American-Canadian singer-songwriter who's been nominated several times in many music awards since 2007.

Apparently, Robin's performance with Miley in the 2013 VMA was "..not sexually charged at all" according to the artist himself. Defending the stage show, he said he didn't feel anything sexual from what took place that night. He thought it was funny and silly, his wife even loved it.

Obviously, Robin and Miley knew what they will be getting into if they pull off that kind of performance and they were right. Watch the feature video below by Clevver News:
Meanwhile, Cyrus' father Billy Ray commented on her daughter's series of daring and bizarre stunts, where the latest of it "Wrecking Ball" shows Miley nu-de with only shoes on. He said, it's all about music.
The song's a smash.. and her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God-given talent."
Watch Billy Ray Cyrus reaction to Miley's nu-de video, a news report by Pop Stop TV:
But still, the performance was frowned upon by many, specially on the aspect appropriateness, given the fact that not all of the audiences during that night were adults; There were kids as well.

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