RoboCop reboot trailer released

A trailer has just been revealed for the RoboCop reboot, which will be released on February 7, 2014. Check out this another take on human + machine fusion movie score.
This is yet another take for the half-man, half-machine movie series, wherein police hero turned into a killing machine takes on another avenue of his duties given the latest technologies in relation to governance and politics.

In this reboot of RoboCop, a futuristic 2028 scene is portrayed with a loving husband and father, cop named Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), critically injured while performing his usual duties.

Watch the RoboCop 2014 trailer:
Alex Murphy gets saved and revived under the hands of robotic innovations and technological breakthrough owned by OmniCorp, a multinational conglomerate.

Alex will be deployed in the field to deal with the criminality in Detroit.

As per trailer revealed earlier for RoboCop remake, it looks like there will be interesting twists along the way.

RoboCop 2014 is directed by José Padilha, while the writers are comprised of  Michael Miner (characters) and Edward Neumeier (characters).

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