Was Zamboanga City police chief Juan Chiquito Malayo really hostaged?

The more-than-a-week skirmish between the Philippine government forces and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) has been the meat of the Philippine's daily top news reports.
In a series of media buzzes, including online news published this week, Zamboanga City police chief Juan Chiquito Malayo was reportedly hostaged by the MNLF fighters.

Local and foreign news portals feasted on the news item, saying Zamboanga Police chief was seized or hostaged for that matter.

Here is an exclusive interview with the Police Chief, courtesy of Rappler.
So yes, you decide! Was the Police Chief hostaged or not? What can you about how the media are taking their rounds to send valuable reports for the anticipating public?

There's been a lot of reactions and even allegations that what's happening in Zamboanga City is just a diversion tactic, to avert the masses' attention from 'Pork Barrel' scam.

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