Colorado shooting suspect wore Batman Mask

Batman mask, anyone? But really, this post is rather serious as it takes on a very remarkable shooting incident somewhere in Colorado.
James Holmes Colorado Shooting Batman MaskIf you are following the incident which took place inside a movie theater, the police department says as per testimony revelation, suspect James Holmes wore a unique and famous mark - Batman Mask.

It was the time when Batman's "The Dark Knight Rises" was being shown. Apparently, James Holmes went into a movie house showing the film and started to fire a gun, thereby killing at least 12 people while injuring 70 others.

The Batman mask wearer's attorney pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Prosecutors' quest for death penalty would then be required to come up with a proof that Holmes was sane when he did the crime.

There's a lot of puzzles to be solved in this shooting case. For one, Holmes was found to have sent some kind of a notebook containing violent drawings to a psychiatrist before the shooting. An FBI agent said, they found the Batman mask along with a calendar with July 20, 2012 marked with some kind of a weird symbol.

To whatever this shooting incident investigation and hearing session will lead to, let's hope that justice will be served the way it should be and that, the Batman mask wearer can be judged accordingly.

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