DJ Mo Twister rants over Miss Universe bet Ariella Arida

DJ Mo Twister went at it again upon watching Philippine's bet in the Miss Universe, Ariella Arida answering an interview on the ABS-CBN News Channel's (ANC) "Headstart", related to her communication skills in English.
Ariella Arida - Miss Universe 2013 contestant
Arida was asked by host Karen Davila, what's her take on the roaming doubts that she can't seem to deliver in the pageant, specially during the question and answer portion where English language is the customary medium. To which Arida answered:
I'm aware of it, actually.
You know, I've [gotten] a lot of trainings, especially on my communication skills. And I'm doing my best to really express myself, to convey a message to the people
Like what I've told my trainers, 'Don't worry, I will do my best in the competition.' Because, you know, when you get there, it's [about] how you express yourself
Along the interview of Ariella, she continued to explain things until she brought up something about the Latinas.
Especially, you know, Latinas cannot even speak a sentence, right? I mean, a complete sentence in English... You know, I think, it's the Filipinos who are very critical about this
This is where Mo Twister stepped in through an Instagram post, where he said:
I don't intend to bash on our Ms Philippines here but how the [expletive] is this not considered offensive toward Latinas?
I mean, we ALWAYS get so sensitive when someone says anything about us Filipinos (see Dan Brown, Alec Baldwin, and every other time we screamed murder) yet our girl representing our country, in a legit interview regarding the competition, says Latinas can't put a sentence together in English.
Mo continued:
That would royally piss me off if I were of Latin descent. I'm pretty sure we would lose our minds if we heard an interview of a contestant saying 'Filipinos can't string a sentence together' and our Senator/Congressman would persona non grata that bit*h immediately
..quite certain that a few of the Latina contestants can cook up a few intelligible lines in English that would leave Ariella here dizzy in her heels.
Best of luck to her in the competition. Now back to my NBA Fantasy Team 
The controversial DJ also Tweeted this:
After which, Ariella's trainor Jonas Gaffud went on to defend his trainee.
Whatever these social media rants can get to, Filipinos are proud of their representative to the world pageant competition and they are hoping that their bet can take home the much-coveted crown of Miss Universe.

This year's Miss Universe marks the 62nd edition, gathering more than 80 hopeful contestants from all over the world. The grand coronation will be held on November 9 at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

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