BAYANTEL: How to apply for Change of Location (Fees and Requirements)

An application for change of location for your Bayantel product account has got some items to take note. If you hold a DSL, Broadband, VoIP or a Long Distance Service and you needed to transfer location, there is no short cut but to abide by the procedures set by the telephone company.
Bayantel Change of Location
Requirements to apply for Change of Location
To apply for Change of Location for any or perhaps most of your Bayantel subscribed account, the requirements are the following:
  1. Letter of request from subscriber (signatory if Business)
  2. Notarized letter of abandonment (If subs unavailable) or Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  3. Valid ID (photocopy)
  4. POB (Photocopy of proof of billing of new address / Lease of Contract / Deed of Sale)
  5. Bill should be current or not barred
  6. Authorization letter and ID of representative (If applicable)
Related costs for Change of Location / Change Location Fees:
P1,288.00 (Residential, Landline only)
P1,624.00 (Business, Landline only)
P1,787.00 (Residential, Bundle-Tel & DSL)
P2,123.00 (Business, Bundle)
P1,999.00 (DSL only)

So far, these are the services / products of Bayantel, for your reference:
bayanPHONE Extra
Bayan Long Distance Service


International Market:
Bayan FamilyTies

Hope the list above could be of any help for your Bayantel transactions, specially concerning the changing of your location.

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