Malware disguised as GTA5 for PC spreads via torrent sites

The malware labeled as 'GTA V Full PC Game + Crack' is making rounds in the Internet using torrent sites, WCCF Tech person Syed Muhammad Usman Pirzada indicated. He further said:
Site metrics and Seed Ratio reveal that this particular torrent has been downloaded well into the thousands. The setup file is a realistic 18 GB and has an actual setup.exe file, one that works. Basically a malicious replica of the original setup file this one doesnt give out any hint of malicious activity
The GTA5 malware appears like a legit file and the truth is, thousands must have downloaded it already. It ranks well in the search engine results and still appear as unreported torrent file.
Fake Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC
To the PC gamers out there, gravely anticipating for the release of the PC version of the latest GTA, it's not yet available.

GTA 4 PC version has just came out a few months ago. On the other hand, GTA5 was released, yet only for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Be warned and stay away from possible malware infections brought by a malicious GTA5 for PC installer. Stay away from that fake Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC thing.

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