#PROUDSKWATER hashtag trends on Twitter

In the last, almost 24 hours or so, Twitter hashtag #PROUDSKWATER sat on top of the trend and the Tweets are adding up like crazy. Are you on the same frenzy as well? See what people have been posting on Twitter with the said tag.
Trending Twitter Hashtag PROUDSKWATER
Sample #PROUDSKWATER Tweets:
If you dig further into the hashtag's timeline, you would see that this has been on for almost 24 hours already.

While the tag speaks about being a proud resident of a "squatter" area or slums as most people would call it, the postings speak mostly on the obvious economic disparity in the Philippine society. Tweets are mostly on the comparison between a rich and poor kid's gadgets, education, food and similar things. It even goes to the way people greet each other.

Some find PROUDSKWATER Tweeting fun but a number of observers posted messages of dislike.
So far, that's what we got trending in our social media platforms today, particularly on micro blogging tool Twitter.

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