Solar eclipse 2013: US, Africa and Europe to expect solar eclipse on Sunday

Meanwhile for a buzz on solar eclipse 2013 news, NASA disclosed earlier that a hybrid solar eclipse will be sweeping across the US, Africa and Europe on Sunday at 1237 GMT over the Atlantic Ocean. It will be some 300+ kilometers southwest of Liberia.
Solar Eclipse 2013
The unique solar eclipse will be taking place this weekend. The sun will be seen as partially covered in some parts of the world, while it will be full in areas like South Africa.

The United States and Europe will be seeing the sun partially overshadowed by the moon.

Viewers are advised to use proper eye protections or devices to witness the rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse.

In countries like the Philippines, people viewing a solar eclipse phenomenon would use a lot of ways to do so. Sometimes people would put a large basin filled with water to watch the eclipse happening. Some would utilize already-used camera films as viewing filter.

But so far for this year 2013, there has been no solar eclipse declared to happen the Asian continent.

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