150,000 Ford Escape units recalled for the 7th time due to fire risk

Nearly 150,000 units of Ford Escape have been called for a recall due to a potential engine fire risk, Ford Motor Company announced.
2013 Ford Escape Crossover Utlity Vehicle
The 2013 Ford Escape Crossover Utility Vehicle is manufactured between the years 2011 and 2013. There have been reports that Escape's engine cylinder is prone to overheating, which could result to an oil leak and eventually, trigger fire.

At least 12 incidents have already occurred in the US and Canada.

The like of this recall happened several times already. Last year, about ten thousand (10,000) Ford vehicles were recalled due to fuel leaks.

In particular, as per data cited by news.yahoo.com, the latest for Ford Escape recall is actually the seventh time already.

Ford Escape held an increase in US sales in the month of October. It goes as the second best-selling Ford utility vehicle (UV) with F-Series pickup trucks on top. Moreover, Escape ranks second in sales behind Honda Motor's CR-V.

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