Alternative to bulky Smart Watches? Meet Fashionable bracelets MEMI

Looking for the perfect alternative to your bulky smartwatch? Which, sometimes spoils the fashion mood in you because of their designs? Perhaps it is time for you to look for MEMI.
MEMI wearable tech bracelets
MEMI is a wearable technology in the form of an iPhone compatible bracelet that keeps you notified with incoming phone calls, text messages and other alerts. It's a "chic iPhone-compatible smartbracelet" as described in
MEMI wearable tech bracelets
MEMI is the fusion of fashion and technology, conceptualized under the premise of convenience and comfort. It is your next best accessory while wearing almost any wardrobe out there.
MEMI wearable tech bracelets
The fashion chic in you is well taken care of by MEMI and it ensures you not to miss any phone calls again. With the tech bracelet, you can just put your phones away and continue with your usual stuff in the office, meeting or conference for that matter.
MEMI wearable tech bracelets
MEMI works by way of using the Bluetooth technology to send and receive signals to and from your iPhone. Once you get the MEMI app installed, you can even set who gets through your bracelet for notification.
At the moment, the design company doing the MEMI is still working on the compatibility sides of the bracelet; It is not yet compatible with Android and Blackberry units.

Fashion moms would love to see this bracelet "MEMI" come into fruition.

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