Anabelle Rama reaction to Pacquiao vs Rios Fight [Video]

Showbiz personality Anabelle Rama, wife of veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez were apparently caught on video while watching the fight of Manny Pacquiao against Brandon Rios last week in Macau, Cotai Arena. The couple and celebrity parents were very supportive of "Pacman', as you can see how Annabelle Rama is remotely instructing Manny to avoid the hits of Rios.
You would hear Ms. Rama saying, "..iwas manny.. please.. iwasss iwasss!! Iwaasss". Watch the video below:

Here is Rama's husband Mr. Eddie booing Rios. It's an epic scene indeed, showing strong support of the Philippine nation to its returning champ Manny Pacquiao after a devastating loss from Manuel Marquez.
Were you able to watch Pacquiao - Rios fight online? Might as well hit the replay videos repositories out there and watch the Pacquiao vs Rios fight replay. Else, just wait for your local TV network to re-air the awesome fight "Pacman" in Cotai Arena, Macau.

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