Brandon Rios cries during interview after fight with Pacquiao

After a tough 12 rounds of slugging it out with Manny Pacquiao, Brandon Rios got into an interview and was answering the questions well, until a point came where the interviewer mentioned about how Pacquiao praised him for standing out there in the middle of the fight and no matter what the Filipino boxer throws at him, he just stood there with a tough chin.
Rios, suddenly broke down, realizing how he trained rigorously for five months and it only ended up, him beaten up dominantly all throughout the rounds. He also mentioned about how he let his team down and his loss hurt him so bad, knowing he worked so hard to come out in top shape, but everything was just devoured by the speed of Manny.

Watch the interview video:
Brandon Rios is a tough stand up fighter but this time, the many different angles Pacquiao was sending punches from just felt too much. Let's hold on to the promise of Brandon to bounce back stronger, just like how Pacquiao slept it out but trained harder after having been put to sleep by Marquez in their fourth meeting in the ring.

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