How to use Google Drive for iPad App: Comprehensive guide

Roughly 18 months ago, Google released Google Drive, a file storage and synchronization system that can also be used for cloud storing, file sharing and collaborative file editing.
Google Drive for iPad
Whether you are a tech person or new to the computing world, Google Drive is perhaps one of the storage suits out there that can boost productivity for business and non-commercial project productions.

Right now, Google Drive has got stable releases for PC/Mac, Adroid and iOS. It works in systems with Microsoft Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, Android, iOS[3] and Linux operating systems.

As comprehensive as it can be, let's take a look at Google Drive's fantastic performance in your iPad units. For this, we are happy to share to you this free guide on how to use Google Drive for iPad, after of course, installing the Google Drive iPad app.

The best thing that I liked in the iPad app for Google Drive is the user's capability to access documents offline while on iPad.

Google Drive shared to public can be found on the web via search engines, which makes it a powerful hub for online file users and stackers. This goes on to say, the virtual drive will be very useful for teachers utilizing file sharing systems to boost their teaching effectiveness.

All credits go to Richard Byrne for making this very comprehensive guide on how to use Google Drive on iPad. This material is also posted at

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