Insects become popular in Dutch kitchens

It may be treated differently by different mindsets of people in the world but as how reality bites in the world we live in, insects could be alternatives to our massively produced animal meats every year.

In other famine stricken countries or perhaps economically challenged nations, insects can be considered as a delicious meal. But how about bringing the idea into the Dutch cookery?

A Sittard based chef Cecile invited her students to introduce insects into traditional recipes. Her students Richard, 41, Mariet, 53, and Seppo, 43 have been looking for environmentally-friendly alternative to meat and now, they are considering insects in their cooking book.

Said Richard in a feature video:
I want to live in a healthy way, but being vegetarian is a bit too hard for me
Watch the video here:

Insects are not only easy to process but they are also nutritious.

How about you? In your side of the food industry and market, will you consider insects as part of your dishes and cooking adventures?

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Sweethestia said...

yay... ewan ko lng kung makakain ko yan .. pero adobiong camaro nakakin nako pero eto.. yayahaya!!

Francis Balgos said...

How can I say this, just the thought of eating insects gives me shivers..
Maybe so because I havent experienced famine..
Maybe on a survival situation I think about it

petroleumjelly said...

whoopsie. haha, im not sure if i can eat this kind of treat. im quite particular with the food adventures i take:)

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I don't think I can even convince myself to taste those insects even if they are exotic and some people are dying just to try them.

Kim Nieves said...

omg I want to try eating insects! I'm very intrigued by their taste! :)