Jamich video for views in exchange for Yolanda donations gets bashing instead

A video from Jamich containing a cover of the song "Still" by Hillsong United, asking for views in exchange for donations to Yolanda victims earned bashing instead.
Jamich video for likes to help Yolanda victims
While the intention was good and noble, the way Jamich presented the video looked like, the donation comes with a hidden quest for more popularity. Some viewers commented that Jamich should have donated directly.

Jamich's video angered Tweeps (slang for people on Twitter) as well. Among the related messages I like is this one:
Watch the video made by Jamich below, asking for views at the latter part, where every 10k of which, would mean PhP 1,000 donation to typhoon Yolanda victims.
Jamich is comprised of real life couple and Youtube sensation Jamvhille Sebastian and Michelle Liggayu.

What can you say about this Jamich video getting viral, seemingly in a bad light?

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