Jeric Teng surprise date with Jessy Mendiola video goes viral

This video of Rain or Shine rookie Jeric Teng getting a surprise date with celeb crush Jessie Mendiola gets viral, since upload on Nov. 28, 2013. As of this writing, the video has gotten almost 450k views already.
What took place was actually a surprise treat of Jeric's brother Jeron in cooperation with McDonalds; Jeron and McDo arranged things so that his brother could meet his ultimate crush while at McDonald's chain, Eton Centris branch.

Jessy Mendiola is one of the endorsers of McDo. In a scene, taken in the video set up, Jessy would walk in, seemingly looking for an empty table to have her meal. She will be walking up to Jeric's table and ask "May I?".

Watch what happened here:
"Maria Mercedes" Jessie Mendiola meeting Jeric Teng video came in cute, reacted by Jeric's fans. While those who also has a crush on Jessy, thought Jeric was lucky.

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