Korina Sanchez Vs. Anderson Cooper (CNN) and his Tacloban Reports

Korina Sanchez vs Anderson CooperIt has spread online! This "Korina Sanchez reacts to Anderson Cooper's (CNN) report" thing is just going viral like any other strange items you can find online. Apparently, Korina must have taken a rather more accurate data than that of what has been personally observed by the CNN reporter.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper did a coverage of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and as part of his report, he described the devastation Tacloban has suffered, including of course, how the relief operations are going and being managed.

Said Cooper:
You would expect perhaps to see a feeding center that had been set up 5 days after the storm
We haven’t seen that, certainly not in this area. Some food is being brought to people here at the airport, some water being distributed but these are very, very difficult conditions for the people here on the ground and it’s not clear how much longer it can continue like this. Something’s got to give.
Anderson Cooper (@AC360) also Tweeted his observations:
To which, ABS-CBN anchor Korina Sanchez, who's married to Philippine's Secretary of Interior and Local Government, Mar Roxas, reacted negatively.
This sent netizens to air their disgust on what has come out of Sanchez. Most of them call on to Korina to come to the site and see what is really happening. Many argued that Korina could be the one who does not know what's going on, as she is reporting from a remote studio while Anderson Cooper is at the actual location of the calamity.

People online seem to think that Korina Sanchez slammed Anderson Cooper's live reports and opinions on Tacloban's situation because of his attachment to the DILG Secretary Mar Roxas.

Here is a message to Ms. Korina Sanchez from a Facebook user Karen Lee Viudez-Panela
Korina Sanchez, as you may have enjoyed your brewed coffee inside the studios of ABS-CBN, CNN Senior News Correspondent ANDREW STEVENS had his coffee in an empty bottle of water crudely cut in half.

When you had your DZMM morning program surrounded by staff who would have simply handed out everything you needed, CNN's ANDERSON COOPER was at ground zero in Tacloban, trying to describe the massive devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, had interviewed victims of the Super Typhoon, and endured the unbearable stench of the dead.

So before you even lambast the manner of coverage of CNN, try to assess where your judgments are coming from shaped, obviously, by the political ambition of your husband and the idea of becoming the future First Lady of the country.

Today is Day 5 already and you can't blame if the international media has observed and reported the snail-paced Philippine bureaucracy. Face it. Truth hurts. (Source: https://www.facebook.com/karenlee.viudezpanela/posts/619658804742642)
In your opinion, was it appropriate or even ethical for Korina Sanchez to react on Anderson Cooper's reports the way she did?

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