List of sites to add into 'Sites authorized to show ads' in Adsense

If you are a Google Adsense publisher and is seeing the recent changes Google has been doing in its ads system, you must have gotten the notifications saying you got this number of unauthorized sites showing your Adsense ads.
Thereby, you must have been advised to authorize sites that you own so that proper credits and things can be treated the way it should be, more so, to avoid lost of revenue.
Google Adsense Unauthorzed sites
In order to act on this Google Adsense related rectification of your account setting, you first need to change your settings 'Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account'. This can be found here: Home > Settings > Access and authorization

Time to time or at least, until you attend to the proper setting of your 'Authorized sites to display ads', a list of unauthorized sites will be appearing in your Adsense dashboard. You must have also seen the notice below - a list of websites labeled as 'Unauthorized sites'.
Google Adsense Unauthorzed sites
Those are safe to add sites since they are just country specific Google search Engines. If you add them, you will earn revenue once an Internet user clicks from the said sites. 

Without further ado, here is the list of sites to add into your 'Sites authorized to show ads' in Adsense, as per featured in Tips and Freeware dot com:

You may now log in to your Adsense account, go to "Home" > "Settings" > "Access and authorization" and enter the above-mentioned sites to authorize.

Good luck and hope your earnings will improve.

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