Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in tears after visit to typhoon Yolanda ravaged Tacloban

Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte broke down in tears during an interview, after his 1-day visit to the super typhoon Yolanda stricken Tacloban city in the Visayas region. In his words, it was as if God was somewhere else when the disaster happened.
Mayor Rodrigo Duterte
Mayor Duterte told the reporters, he saw dead bodies lying on the streets, while the survivors were trying to look for food, three days after Yolanda's devastating sweep.

The Mayor said:
God must be [have been] somewhere else or he forgot that there’s a planet called Earth
He urged the people of his city to extend any help, big or small to the people of Tacloban.

As his suggestion out of the very depressing state of the victims of the typhoon, declaration of state of calamity is not enough, it has to be state of emergency. The city has no local government body functioning to administer the people. The social workers, police and army are all attending to their relatives victimized by the natural phenomenon.

Here is Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's Interview video:
Mayor Duterte further described Tacloban as a city with walking zombies, who are actually survivors, bewildered on what to do to endure the damages they've sustained.

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