Nokia shareholders opted to sell handset business to Microsoft

For $7.2 billion, Nokia's shareholders took a big leap by taking the option to sell the company's handset business to Microsoft.
Nokia sold to microsoft
Questions linger on what's remaining on Nokia's technology business venture. Is it losing in a major way? Its pivotal decision is the main key for Microsoft to take the full control over Nokia's cellphone division.

Nokia’s chairman and interim chief executive Risto Siilasmaa said, things have been very challenging:
When I became chairman, I didn’t think this was going to be a possibility. There have been a lot of emotions.
The truth is, even though Nokia holds one of the world's largest sales of handset unit, it is increasingly losing an end to rivals like Samsung and Apple.

It is definitely a sad moment for Nokia but it has to look forward, rather than sulk in the corner as it loses the battle in the smartphone arena.

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