ONE FC Fighter AJ Lias Mansor joins a volunteer team for Tacloban

Unsatisfied from donating his prize money after winning the recently concluded ONE FC (ONE Fighting Championship) event in Kuala Lumpur, fighter AJ Lias Mansor hooked up with a volunteering team to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban.
AJ Lias Mansor
AJ Lias Mansor, at the latter part of his interview after his fight said:
I was in the Philippines last week. I was in the storm, typhoon ..I’m going to donate my win money to the Philippines. 
My heart goes out to the Philippines because I was there during the storm ..I love you Philippines!
Mansor left for Tacloban today to join a team to deliver medical assistance. The Malaysian fighter felt so much grief for the Philippines, his second home.
I really felt the grief of those affected by the typhoon since I have many friends and what I already called as family in the Philippines. That’s why I said to myself at that time that if I win the championship, I would donate my earnings to the typhoon victims
If you didn't know, Mansor is a former elementary teacher and as a mixed martial arts fighter, he spends a lot of time training in the Philippines and has established quite a strong friendship with many Filipinos already.
The Philippines is like my second home. The residents here are kind and treat me nicely
Such a gem of kindness in a fighter's heart is just priceless. Salutes and our wish of many good tidings, blessings and of course wins in your chosen field of passion, Mr. Mansor.

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