Pacquiao, Rios Coaches engage in scuffle [Video]

News had it that Pacquiao and Rios' coaches engaged into a scuffle, due to a heated argument regarding the use of a boxing gym at the Venetian.
Roach vs Garcia scuffleApparently, Rios' camp had the venue reserved from 9 to 11 am. Roach's team then entered the said gym, finding Rios still training past his reserved time.

Freddie Roach found Garcia sitting on the steps of a ring. Perhaps the former got pissed off with the overtime training Rios' camp was doing, he told the latter to get the F out.

Exchanges of cuss words went on like wild fire.

If you take a look at the video below, you would see Manny Pacquiao's former conditioning coach Alex Ariza kicking Roach away. Ariza also mocked Roach's Parkinson's disease.

Freddie Roach fight with Brandon Rios' camp in Macau:
This could be a precursor to what will happen on November 24 at the Cotai Arena, Macau.

If you watched video until the latter part, you will see Rios' camp men laughing like they did something laudable and they are glad they did it.

We still don't know how Freddie Roach approached the other camp, but maybe a milder question why Rios' team is still there even though it's already past the reserved schedule, should have made a different outcome of the encounter. (Source:

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