Super typhoon to hit Tacloban and Samar prophesied by Prophet Sadhu [Video]

A video of certain "Propher Sadhu" prophesying a super typhoon to hit Tacloban and Samar emerged and relived almost right at the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda.
Netizens react to it with mixed opinions; Some say it's just a coincidence, while some say it could have been a product of an intelligent guess. But who knows? Watch the video below:
This video, where "Prophet Sadhu" mentioned Tacloban and Samar, among other places such as Compostela valley, Tagum (Davao), Pangasinan, Cebu, Mindoro and Palawan, was uploaded in the month of April - roughly six (6) months before the arrival of typhoon Yolanda.

What's your wild guess and opinion in the featured video? Did the self-claimed prophet of God really predict what is going to happen to Tacloban?

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