Unusual asteroid 'weird and freakish' spotted between Mars and Jupiter

Described by NASA as "weird and freakish" asteroid, the rock was spotted in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter on September 10 and 23. Take a look these images from NASA:
Asteriod Stream
The unique asteroid was seen "spewing streams of materials like a sprinkler".

According to Professor David Jewitt – of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles:
One idea was that we were seeing ice on the asteroid outgassing, but the object is too hot, around 170 Kelvin, for ice
An impact with the asteroid was discussed but that would leave one large plume, not six.
The said weird and freaky asteroid could be objects breaking apart and under the strain of its own set of rotation. It could be spinning due to some pressures from solar emissions.

Solar emissions may come from stars like our sun. They can release protons and radiation that has the ability to push things within its heliosphere.

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