Video of Toronto Mayor Smoking Crack investigated

According to Toronto police, they were able to recover a video showing allegedly Rob Ford, the city's mayor, smoking crack cocaine. The material was said to have been taken from a computer seized from a certain drug raid sometime this year.
Toronto Mayor Rob FordMayor Ford vehemently denies the accusation, saying there is no such kind of a video.

On the other hand, Toronto police chief William Blair said he is sure that the mayor appeared in the said video.

While there is not in the video that can push Ford to face criminal charges, the act was simply inappropriate and disappointing.

During an interview, Mr. Ford said he has no reason to resign as a mayor.
I have no reason to resign 
I’m going to go back and return my phone calls. I’m going to be out doing what the people elected me to do and that’s save taxpayers’ money and run a great government that we’ve been running.
Ford wishes he could defend himself but sadly, the case is already with the courts.

As a citizen or maybe a government official of Toronto, do you believe that Mayor Ford is really in the said video smoking crack?

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