Volcanic eruption creates new Japan island [Video]

New Japan island emerged after a volcanic eruption took place at 620 miles south of Tokyo, Japan.
Japan New Island after volcanic eruption
The new island in Japan is of volcanic material in composition, hence it is more appropriately called 'Volcanic Island'. It added another island in the Bonin chain of tropical and subtropical islands that were given birth due to volcanic eruptions.

The eruption happened on Nov. 18, which came with moderate quakes of around 4.5 in magnitude. On Nov. 20, a new island raised above the sea.
According to Japanese Coast Guard, the volcanic crater measures 500 feet (150 meters) in diameter, while the island as a whole is only 650 feet (200 m) wide and 980 feet (300 m) long.

This is indeed a new island in the Pacific Ocean, out of a phenomenon exhibited by a submarine volcano.

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