Yeng Constantino releases new single - 'Better than Yesterday'

The month of November could mean a very significant milestone for the singer-songwriter Yeng, as she released her new / latest single, "Better than Yesterday" in Singapore.
Yeng Constantino ft Sheikh Haikel
The song is a product of utmost collaboration between Yeng Constantino and Singaporean rapper Sheikh Haikel.

During the November 7 press con, Yeng told the media that the song she just did  sounds very pop with a blend of rock.
Iba yung tunog ng bagong single ko sa Singapore. Very pop, na may halong rock. Parang tunog foreign, iyon yung sinasabi nila. Wala akong in-adjust sa singing, kasi akong-ako naman iyon. Sa part ko, ginawa nila na Yeng ang style
In the coming days, Yeng will be busy promoting her new single. In fact, she is already slated to go to Singapore, followed by Taiwan.

Will Yeng be leaving her local and homegrown OPM grounds?
Mahirap iwanan yung OPM kasi grabe yung heart ko for Filipino music. Kung kaya kong pagsabayin, pagsasabayin ko talaga. Para sa akin, creating OPM songs gives so much joy to me.
Meanwhile, Yeng already made a movie debut via Cinema One Originals' "Shift."

Best of luck to Yeng Constantino!

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