Google eyes on making robots, following Amazon drones?

Is Google putting on its money to play along the line, Amazon has been looking at? That is to build a drone to execute items delivery in the future as well?
Andy Rubin
Andy Rubin pictured with 2 life-size humanoid robots
That's not far to fetch, considering Google already has the "Google Car" - it can just deploy it on land, then the a tinier robot can just jump out and do the door to door delivery.

Although Google executives consider robotic vision as a shot to the moon, a key person said there has to be enough runway and a longer set of vision - Andy Rubin, head engineer for Google’s robotics effort.

Google at the moment is still silent when it comes to its detailed plans and programs but one thing to ponder on is the fact that the company already owns at least seven (7) technology companies, all directed towards the effort of creating new generation of robots.

Perhaps sooner or later, we would be seeing another buzz in the Internet, pertaining to Google robot delivery units, just like Amazon's drone delivery.

It's just a matter of time. Before you know it, the system is there, knocking on your door. (Image: Jim Wilson/The New York Times)

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