April Boy Regino bids farewell due to cancer

April Boy Regino or what people regarded as "Idol' in the Philippine music industry has been diagnosed with a cancer and he expressed his strong move and decision to put an end to his singing passion.
In an interview with Cristy Fermin, April Boy thanked his fans and supporters who loved him in the past decades.

April Boy said, he will retire but that's physical. Only his body will be gone but his songs will still be there. His fans can still hear him singing.

It's a sad news to hear but as what April Boy said, there comes a time where a person has to put an end to what he loves doing. He said, he still wants to sing but his body can no longer coup up.

Here is April Boy Regino's interview with Cristy Fermin:
Dennis "April Boy" Regino is the oldest of the three brothers, who were then popularly known as the April Boys.

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