Extremely low fare / cheap flights on Delta Air Lines a glitch

Some caught the extremely low fare, cheap flights on Delta Airlines on Thursday, but all were due to a technical glitch, the airline stated.
Passengers looking for cheap delta fares kind of exploited the computer glitch from around 10 a.m. till noon (ET). The system was shut down thereafter.

In the Delta Air Lines website:
A roundtrip flight between Cincinnati and Minneapolis for February was being sold for just $25.05 and a roundtrip between Cincinnati and Salt Lake City for $48.41. The correct price for both of those fares is more than $400.
The good news is, Delta will be honoring the cheap fares purchased during the glitch time. The prices maybe incorrect but the tickets will be good to go.

George Hobica, founder of AirfareWatchDog.com commented:
It looks like Delta’s programmers had a little too much eggnog yesterday
Hobica said, the airline was likely to adjust the fares with a few tens of dollars but a programmer might have made a mistake or two.

Mistakes in airline tickets and fares have also been experienced by other companies. Sometime in September, United Airlines accidentally sold tickets for $5 or $10.

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