Filipino Media Noche Recipes on New Year's Eve

Definitely, Filipino media noche recipes will be taking their rounds during the new year's eve for 2014 in the Philippines. During this day, Filipinos just love to gather together and cook their heart out as they welcome and celebrate the coming of the new year.
Filipino media noche recipes

In every house you visit during the new year's eve, a media noche preparation is an indispensable part of the feast. While Filipinos love to eat, it is also a perfect family bonding avenue.

So what are the Filipino media noche recipes you know by the way? Do you plan to cook any of them in a few hours or so?

Why don't you consider these eight (8) Filipino recipes for your media noche this year?
  1. Arroz Valenciana Recipe 
  2. Mango Float Recipe
  3. Pansit Palabok Recipe
  4. Crema de Fruta Recipe
  5. Ube Biko Recipe
  6. Baked Bibingka Supreme Recipe
  7. Lumpiang Sariwa or Lumpia Sariwa
  8. Creamy Chicken Curry Recipe
Did you plan to prepare any of those in the list above?

If you think, you don't feel like cooking those 8 recipes we've chosen, you may take a look at the rest of the hundreds of Filipino media noche recipes at

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