Gov't employees to have laptops via Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) project

Heard about Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) project? The iGovPhil project says, "You don’t have to procure them, they will fall on your laps".
That's the very promising statement of Budget Undersecretary Richard Moya in his presentation during the 3-day iGovPhil forum held at the UP Ayala Technohub on Tuesday.

Under the iGovPhil, the government is to purchase at least 250,000 laptops in three years, aiming to transform national government employees into "e-civil servants".

According to Moya, the "Integrated Government Philippines" has undergone technical study already and is ready for public bidding. It will be under a P1.8-billion project.

The project through the Philippine's Depart of Budget Management (DBM) plans to execute the following laptop purchase schedule:

2014 - procure 95,000 laptops
2015 - procure 80,000 laptops
2016 - buy the remaining required laptops or "until all national government employees from Salary Grade 4 and above each have a laptop."

The iGovPhil seeks to establish efficient e-governance in the country.

Should this project materialize, the government employees must:
Use the official email address for any official electronic communications
The said laptops will be replaced every three (3) years.

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