Man slept in plane, woke up trapped in a dark plane cabin

There is this sleeping man named Tom Wagner locked in a dark plane cabin at the Houston airport. Wagner's flight was from Louisiana; He fell asleep during the flight and woke up with the lights out.
Tom Wagner
I woke up and the lights were out. I was like, what's going on
I thought maybe it was a layover, still on the same plane.
Wagner was able to get out of the plane after calling his girlfriend to seek for help. Airline crews went to the plane to open the cabin for Wagner. He told the workers:
Don't put the blame on me. I didn't do anything wrong here.' And then they were, like, try to hush-hush, keep it quiet.
At the end of the day, ExpressJet issued apology for what had happened to Wagner. They are now investigating how the incident happened.

Here is a video report from ABC News:
The airline did not refund Wagner's money but they gave him a $250 worth voucher to complete his itinerary.

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