Meet your 'UNSUNG HEROINE' Farah Adam - The one-woman control tower for Yolanda relief

As what has been stressed in an online news article - the relief workers get the grand share of the gratitude and praise for their work but there are others who also fought the challenges of Yolanda's aftermath and they include "pilots, drivers, ground crew, air traffic controllers and many others". (
Farah Adam
Farah Adam stood on the grounds of Ormoc as an air traffic controller with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. She was deployed there on November 21.

Farah worked on the available resources she could find in her area of assignment. Her office in the disaster stricken region was just a single window room, facing the airstrip with only a radio mic and pencil to issue clearances and responses to aircrafts.
..she was responsible for establishing flight operations in Ormoc City, allowing aircraft to bring in relief supplies, equipment and personnel and fly out refugees and relief workers rotating out.
A normal airport control operation would need people to take care of the approach, departure and ground operations, with of course, the mighty assistance of a radar.

Farah did all the functions above without a radar.

Farah Adam hails from Cotabato City, where she spent her secondary and tertiary schooling. She was a classmate of mine in high school. She's one of the most articulate persons I've met. She all had the signs to excel in things she is passionate of.

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