Michael Jordan's Autographed 'Flu Game' Shoes sold for $104,765

The shoes Michael Jordan wore during the 'Flu Game' in 1997 just got sold for a whooping $104,765. That's a grand for an autographed pair of MJ shoes.
Michael Jordan autographed Flu Game sneakers
A New York auction agency said the red and black sneakers was scored by an unidentified client on Thursday.

The 'Flue Game' came into life sometime in the final game played by Chicago Bulls in 1997, where Michael Jordan was said to have been suffering from a flu. He almost did not play that time. Jordan brought bulls into a win over Utah Jazz with the score 90-88.

The lucky previous owner of the said shoes, Preston Truman was a former ball boy. He kept  the well-priced item in the bank for 16 years.

Now, quite a lot bigger thing to deposit in the bank with that huge some of money from the auction. A wise move, there's no doubt about it.

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