Mikey Bustos Wrecking Ball Parody 'Balikbayan Box' Video

Viral and escalating it goes, this parody of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball, titled "Balikbayan Box" by Youtube sensation Mikey Bustos is just right on the mark as how Filipinos would expect a package from loved ones or friends abroad.
Mikey-Bustos-balikbayan-Box-ParodyMikey Bustos Wrecking Ball Parody 'Balikbayan Box' video is guaranteed to plant endless smile, grin and laughter on you from start to finish.

A sample of Mikey's lyrics for his Wrecking Ball parody goes:
You called and told me "Anak ko we sent you balikbayan box. I jumped and screamed imagining having all those foreign products!
I'll have Coffeemate, Lotion, chocolates, shampoo even if I'm kalbo, second hand damit, I don't care I still want it, as long as there's brand name to show!
Watch the full video of Wrecking Ball parody - Balikbayan Box below:
Mikey Bustos is on point when he said in the parody video - "..we Filipinos love to receive a Balikbayan Box from our loved ones abroad! This song is based on a true story!"


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