Miley Cyrus releases 'Adore You' music video

Miley Cyrus released a music video for her controversial third single, 'Adore You' and as usual, it came with the Miley things a.k.a a lot of licking and rolling around.

Adore You music video is slated for release on Dec. 26 but due to a breach, it was leaked online on Christmas day, Dec. 25.

Miley even Tweeted:
The song is from Miley's album "Bangerz".

Adore You Music Video Official:
What excites perhaps is what the future holds when it comes to how many parodies 'Adore You' will make in the coming days or months. Look at what Wrecking Ball made here.

And yes, if Wrecking Ball came out with 'e-eks' (Wre e-ek me!), Adore You has got 'u-us'.

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