Mystery ticket wins $70m lotto jackpot in Queensland

So who's the lucky winner of the $70m lotto jackpot in Queensland just recently?
Queensland powerball lotto prize
Queensland called on to its lotto bettors in the past week to check their tickets once again in order to make sure who really won the $70m lotto jackpot.

Up until this time, the mystery ticket and bettor who won the $70m lotto jackpot prize is still out of sight.

The lucky lotto winner just won the biggest prize in the whole history of Australia's lottery game.

The winning numbers are 26, 24, 20, 17, 34, 39 and 36, with the supplementary numbers 22 and 23.

Lotto players in Australia will be in for another big lottery prize this week; There will be $40 million at stake for the Powerball, which will be on Dec. 19, Thursday.

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