Pregnant teen in Dolton fatally shot, her baby lives

A pregnant teen, 17-years of age was fatally shot on Christmas day while in the alley of a certain suburb in Dolton, Chicago. She was found with a gun shot to the head and was bleeding profusely.
Eva Casara
Police authorities identified the victim as Eva Casara. She was 26 weeks pregnant. She was rushed to a local hospital but did not make it to survive. She died due to her injury.

Dolton Fire Chief John Franklin said:
Officers discovered that she had one gunshot wound to the head, bleeding profusely from the head, and they immediately called for an ambulance and fire department to give us a hand with that
According to an estimate, Casara may have been in the street, wounded for up to 40 minutes or so before she was discovered.

Neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots at around 6 p.m.

Mother of the victim Estrellita Casara told the reporters:
My princess. I miss her so much
Everywhere she goes, she just lights up the place. She's as beautiful inside as she is outside ... Please, somebody, anybody, help me with my baby.
Video interview of Estrellita Casara, mother of Eva Casara:
Meanwhile, the baby inside the womb of the fatally shot teen was saved by the doctors. She was born weighing 1 lb and 5 oz. The baby will be named "Lailani Paris Casara", according to the victim's family members. (Source)

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