Reno Shooting: Nevada gunman shoots doctors due to failed vasectomy operation

A 51-year old Northern California resident shot two doctors at a urology clinic in Nevada, allegedly due to a vasectomy that "ruined his life".
Reno shooting Alan Oliver FrazierAlan Oliver Frazier even told the patients to leave the clinic immediately, or he would have to shoot them too after entering the Urology Nevada office. He said, he is after of the urology doctors.

The suicidal gunman held a pistol-grip, 12-gauge shotgun. Apparently, Frazier was angry because he had a vasectomy at the said hospital and they ruined his life.

Around 50 phone calls from individuals trapped inside the said urology office were received by the Nevada police.

According to the records and files culled by the Police, Frazier had been a patient at the urology facility and whined about a failed vasectomy procedure sometime in 2010.

Detectives are now looking at the possible avenues, including an online chat room where Frazier might have complained about surgery complications.

As per investigators' report, Frazier killed Dr. Charles G. Gholdoian, 46, president of Urology Nevada. Dr. Christine Lajeunesse sustained a critical wound, while Shantae Spears was seriously injured. The shooter Frazier then killed himself using the gun he held.

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