Rico Blanco covers Wrecking Ball [Video]

Rico Blanco released a music cover video of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball", which is actually an unusual song for his type of singer but for the spirit of a promise of helping in the relief operations for typhoon Haiyan victims, he did the thing.
Rico Blanco Wrecking Ball CoverHere's a brief backgrounder of Rico Blanco in his 3:10 min music video:
Once in a while, I receive requests to record cover versions of other artists' songs. Though I think it would be fun, I rarely get to do it as i usually prefer recording my new compositions. 
Two weeks ago, in exchange for twitter followers' donations of any form or amount to typhoon Haiyan relief efforts, I promised to finally record a song or two from among their requests of even the most unusual songs for me to cover. 
One of the songs requested was Wrecking Ball.
Rico Blanco covers Wrecking Ball Video:
Did you like Rico Blanco's rendition of Wrecking Ball? or You got other songs in mind to suggest to him? Drop by at Rico Blanco's website: http://ricoblanco.tv/ or follow him on Twitter: @ricoblanco

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